Cathedral Sainte-Cécile


400 m away from hotel


Landmark of the city of Albi, Cathedral imposes his power. Its steeple rises to 78m in watchtower of the city and the region. Cathedral forms with Berbie, the former bishop's palace, a monumental brick group.

Toulouse Lautrec Museum


500 m away from hotel


National Museum about the albish painter

Laperouse Museum


1 km away from hotel


Maritime career of navigator and its journey around the globe aboard "La Boussole".
For younger visitors, a booklet questionnaire allows a visit by a marked trail.

Fashion Museum


500 m away from hotel


Rich of few thousand pieces on fashion, collection is showed according to different themes each year from April to December. Each annual exhibition offers to discover a hundred pieces.

Gabarre on Tarn


500 m away from hotel


jetty of gabarres, at the foot of cathedral


4 courses:


Culture (30 min)
Nature (1h 45min)
Pleasure (1h 30min)
Freedom (on request)

Ideal with children

Green Escape : hiking in heart of city


In heart of town, 3 trails wind along Tarn and Caussels in unspoilt nature and maintained for a nice green escape. Nearly 4 km of hiking on GR 36.

Atlantis place


2, 5 km away from hotel


Swimming-pools, fitness area, sauna ...


Open all year long

Albi Lasbordes golf course


3 km away from hotel


18 holes golf course along the Tarn


View to the cathedral


Restaurant on the spot

Overview of Albi in a balloon


Albi seen from sky, for an unforgettable memory !!


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